Initial Two-Month Term



  • 3 cohort group sessions

  • 2 coaching sessions

  • online community forum

  • no obligation


Introductory Offer Details

At Rowland Institute for Advancement (RiA), our aim is to build an authentic and trusting learning community of educator-leaders, addressing both personal and professional leadership growth. This means that we want to learn from you as the RiA Community grows and expands into regions around the world.

Since a dynamic learning community of education leaders regionally and worldwide is the goal of RiA, your participation will be invaluable to the community as a whole, and also beneficial to you personally.

As a result, we are offering an initial two-month term at no-cost to you. You will receive a full membership experience as you participate with other educator-leaders from your region and around the world. You will avail the full benefits of the RiA Community during your initial two-month membership, all with no obligation to continue.

What do you get?

  • Initial two month term at no cost

  • Full membership in the RiA Community

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions with your RiA Coach

  • Three 2-hour cohort sessions

  • Participate in the online RiA Community Forum

  • Interact with educator-leaders from around the world

  • No obligation to continue


We get an opportunity to...

  • Build the RiA Community

  • Learn from you as you participate in your cohort, coaching sessions and the RiA Community forum

  • Listen to your feedback during your initial two-month membership

  • Adapt and implement the most appropriate membership dues structure for each region

  • Create a dynamic leadership community of education professionals as we move forward together

To put it simply… let’s build a dynamic leadership community of education professionals together!

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