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The Purpose of RiA

Are you an educator and a leader?

Being an educator may be one of the most rewarding careers for individuals who are committed to developing the minds and futures of students who will go on to make a difference in our communities and around the world.

Many educators are driven to continually grow in their leadership capacities and even to provide leadership among their peers for the enhancement of the larger educational community.

Perhaps you are a professional educator, in any capacity, who finds yourself leading others around you, or maybe you are desiring to reach greater leadership capabilities and would like some guidance. If you are an educator with leadership responsibilities or aspirations, the RiA Community may be right for you!

What is needed or lacking?

Leadership development for educators is a necessary career-long endeavor. Finding a coach or appropriate opportunities for personal and professional advancement can be a challenge.

Many already have the necessary degrees to fulfill their roles as educators. Yet the need to stay relevant on education praxis, pedagogy and current trends is imperative!

Many schools have solid professional development programs, and there are numerous seminars and events to attend regionally throughout the year — at RiA we provide a comprehensive program which combines coaching, leadership training and regional events all aimed specifically for leaders in the education community, both local or worldwide.

Eclectic Community

A unique feature of RiA is our worldwide focus. You may be an educator in your own country, or you may be an expat working in an international school.


The RiA Community provides an opportunity to interact with, and gain insights and strategies from, educators throughout the global education community!

Educator in your own country?

Whether you are a local educator in North America or Asia, Europe or Africa, Australia or the Middle East or South America, your role as a leader is crucial to your community and country.

Perhaps you are an educator or education administrator in the USA. We have coaches available and cohorts forming right now. We also have coaches and cohorts in Asia and elsewhere around the world. 

International educator?

Simply put, an international educator is anyone working as an education professional in a cross-cultural context. Typically this person is an expatriate ("expat") or local educator in an international school.

Teachers and other education professionals have worked internationally for generations in order to provide excellent educational options for students from expat and local families.

Being a member of the RiA Community is available to you – right where you are!

The RiA Way

What is the solution?

At Rowland Institute for Advancement we believe that leadership development for professional educators can best be accomplished by building a learning community of leaders from educational institutions regionally and around the world.

The RiA Community is built by its members gathered together — online and in-person — thus providing comprehensive leadership development through exceptional coaching, high quality cohorts, online forum discussions and regional summits.


What is a cohort community?

A cohort community is a dynamic group of education professionals selected from all levels of learning and experience representing various educational institutions in their local or international settings.

These cohorts are in turn part of a broader learning community consisting of other cohorts in the same region and globally, a corporate structure, coaches, advisors and education professionals, resulting in a comprehensive support network.

The RiA Community

The RiA Community of educators meets both professional and social needs necessary to advance, and even extend, one's educational career


  • Superintendents / Principals / Directors / Heads of Schools

  • Teacher-Leaders

  • Local & International School Leaders

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